List of potential supervisors for PhD slots for the session

Autumn 2019

S.NO. Name of Faculty Major areas of Research
1 Dr. Prince A. Ganai (HOD) High Energy Theoretical Physics
2 Prof. Mohd. Ikram Nano Science, thin films, swift heavy ion irradiations
3 Dr. G. R. Khan Nano Science, atomic physics, fiber optics
4 Dr. M. A. Shah Nano Science
5 Dr. Mohd. Zubair Ansari

Semiconducting Nanomaterials, Thin films and heterostructures, Solar cell,

Water splitting, Low temperature R-T studies.

6 Dr. Harkirat Singh

Lightly doped superconducting single crystals,

Quantum Information Processing,

Magnetic thin films, Nanoparticles

7 Dr. Vijay Kumar

Lanthanides and Transition Metals Doped/co-doped Solid/Nano Materials (Phosphor,

 Glass and Thin Film) for Lighting, Sensing and Biomedical applications.

Synthesis, Processing and Characterization of Bio-based Polymers and Composite;

Drug Delivery Devices, Waste Water Treatment, Polymer Metal Nanocomposites,

Ion Solid Interaction, etc

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